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Workable Financial Education and Training for institutions, investment professionals, business owners, families, individuals, young adults and teens throughout the Americas region.

iLAfin promotes Financial Literacy to Latin Americans living both in the U.S. and Latin America.

iLAfin goes one step further in providing a “lead-in, hand holding approach” for all Americans entering the thrilling financial sector.

Our intention is to pave the way for the integration of Latin American Regional Talent into newly emerging markets and established US Institutional Centers.

We welcome those who seek an education necessary to elevate students into careers all across the financial spectrum.

We are pioneers in providing an education for sustainability, cultivating financial talent for application in global leadership positions.

Our team is acutely aware of the utmost importance of the Latin American Region composed of over 20 countries and 625 million people. As the fastest growing minority within the United States, Latin America will surely play a distinct role in the history of the Western Hemisphere for the century to come.

The region has historically benefited from global demand for its commodities, but lesser-known thriving domestic consumption and a growing manufacturing and technology sector is fueling unprecedented economic advancement.

Once shunned by investors and businesses because of the “boom and bust” nature of many of the region’s local economies, stringent monetary policies have have allowed many of these countries to develop well capitalized banking systems exhibiting healthy credit records.

Regional wealth, entrepreneurship and direct investment activity have increased significantly in recent years. By 2017, foreign direct investments into Latin America and the Caribbean exceeded US$ 167 billion annually with a slim majority of inflows directed to medium-high and high-technology sectors. Brasil, México, Chile, Colombia and Peru have received the bulk of recent investments, but distressed nations such as Argentina, Venezuela, and Cuba remain poised for monumental shifts.

The Netherlands, U.S., and Spain have historically been the largest foreign investors in Latin America, with China, Russia, Japan, UK, and other important economies playing a large role as well.

Today the region is experiencing the positive impact of the talented forces managing LatAm Governments, Regulatory Agencies, Central Banks, Public and Corporate Pension Funds, Foundations, Endowments, Banks, Family Offices, Fund of Funds, Listed and Private Corporations, Insurance Companies, Private Banking Divisions, Asset Managers, Financial Boutiques, Investment Advisors and High-Net-Worth Individuals.

In the United States, the growing Hispanic community is creating incredible opportunities for cross marketing and distribution. This progress is sustaining a developing Latin American middle class all across the globe.

There still remains extensive work to be done to help the region achieve its fullest potential, and iLAfin in partnership with WallStreetSur is delighted to be at the forefront of this region’s consolidation process by helping market participants and other stakeholders benefit from the upcoming period of unparalleled growth and opportunity in the global and local capital markets.

Our intention remains focused on closing the educational gap and bringing talented people into the fascinating Asset Management Community. It is our hope that investors, overall market participants, students, and common individuals may all play a role in the never-ending goal of building a better society.

Reinaldo Cevallos

CFA level III Candidate, Master Science in Finance

Victor has been incredibly influential in my professional development, showing me that education is the most important ingredient to launching a career in finance.

Looking back years after I met Victor for the first time, that focus on education that he helped to instill in me has made all the difference.

Breaking into Wall Street was not an easy feat for me, it took focus, plenty of networking, and some luck; but when it boiled down to it, a proper comprehension of foundational topics, like understanding different asset classes.

The benefits of diversification, conducting financial statement analysis, and knowledge on different investment vehicles, became the key to launching my career.

I know for certain that going forward, building on this foundational base of knowledge will be the critical to progressing through my career, and because of that I make an effort to really learn something new every two days.

Always look to be an expert in your craft and build your knowledge base form the ground up.

Nathan Bekerman

CEO at Greentex America, Former JP Morgan Advisor

Interning with Victor at a young age allowed me to experience the reality of working as finance professional.

The exposure I gained became invaluable in my formation as a future banker.

In an overly digital age, the value of experience and perspective can never be understated.

The earlier you begin learning about markets, the more options you will have as a professional.

We understand what you need to learn. We teach individuals the tools of investment to increase equity. We are your iLAfin.

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