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Actionable Financial Education and Training for institutions, investment professionals, business owners, families, individuals, young adults and teens throughout the Americas region. promote Financial Literacy to the Latin Americans living both in the U.S. or in Latin America.

iLAfin is also going one step ahead and it is including the Americans as well that need a “Hand Holding Approach” to thrill in the financial sector.

We intend to encourage the Americas Region talent (also the Region Emerging talent) to integrate into the financial sector, either as educated users who seek to improve their future projections or for all those who want a career change or better yet start a career in a highly demanding sector.

We are pioneers in educating this important community to create an adequate sustainability of the financial talent that will be inserted in positions of global leadership in world markets in the near future.

Some of us are Americans that were born in Latin America and for us that Region is of the utmost importance since it is a fast-expanding market with over 20 countries and 625 Million people who share similar languages and cultures, also the first minority group in the most important place in the world: USA.

The region has historically benefited from global demand for its commodities, but the lesser-known fact is that strong, growing domestic consumption and a thriving manufacturing and technology sector is fueling much of its economic activity.

Once shunned by investors and businesses because of the “boom and bust” nature of many of the region’s local economies, stringent monetary policies have been put in place in many of these countries which have resulted in well-developed and capitalized banking systems exhibiting healthy credit.

Regional wealth, entrepreneurship and direct investment activity have increased significantly in recent years. By 2017, foreign direct investments into Latin America and the Caribbean exceeded US$ 167 billion annually with a slim majority of inflows directed to medium-high and high-technology sectors. Brasil, México, Chile, Colombia and Peru (most Argentina, and at some point, hopefully Venezuela and Cuba) have received the bulk of recent investments, but countries across the entire region are coming on strong.

The Netherlands, U.S., and Spain have historically been the largest foreign investors in Latin America, with China, Russia, Japan, UK, and other important economies always ready to participate as well.

Today the region is experiencing the positive impact of the talented forces managing LatAm Governments, Regulatory Agencies, Central Banks, Public and Corporate Pension Funds, Foundations, Endowments, Banks, Family Offices, Fund of Funds, Listed and Private Corporations, Insurance Companies, Private Banking Divisions, Asset Managers, Financial Boutiques, Investment Advisors and High-Net-Worth Individuals.

In the USA, the growing Latino Factor is creating incredible opportunities for cross marketing and distribution and in parallel, we are also witnessing the incredible growth of the LatAm middle class across the globe.

There still remains much to be done to help the region reach its full potential, and Wall Street sur is delighted to be at the forefront of our region’s consolidation process by helping market participants and other stakeholders benefit from the upcoming period of unparalleled growth and opportunity in the global and local capital markets.

Our intention consists in closing the gap and bringing talented people into the fascinating Asset Management Community, from Investors, Overall Market Participants, students, and simple individuals, there is a lot that have to be done to continue in the never-ending job of building and believing in a better society.

We speak Education. We know the process.
We live the risks and rewards of the markets.
We understand what you need to learn.
We are your iLAfin.

Now promoting

in the media promueve la “alfabetización” financiera de los latinoamericanos que viven en la región de las Américas incluyendo a los Estados Unidos.
iLAfin también incorporará a los americanos que necesitan una ayuda y guía profesional para conocer el mercado de valores.
Contacto promote Financial Literacy to the Latin Americans living both in the U.S. or in Latin America.
iLAfin is also going one step ahead and it is including as well the Americans that need a “Hand Holding Approach” to thrill in the financial sector.

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