The Platform Reimagining Financial Education

Introductory and advanced courses dedicated to institutions, investment professionals, families, and individual investors throughout the Americas region.

The Platform Reimagining Financial Education

Learn the insights and practices that others have spent careers earning, taught directly by the world’s most prestigious leaders of the financial world
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Your teachers represent the top investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, asset managers, universities, and government agencies from across the financial world.

Corporate Curriculum

Business Fundamentals

Learn the principles of operational efficiency, sales expansion, research and development, project optimization, and internal company management.

Money Management

Achieve the insights necessary for financial wellness through active planning of future income, projected savings, and the growth rate of assets.

Career Development

Accelerate professional growth by learning from veterans of the financial industry about skill development and enhancing your candidate profile.


Invest responsibly by understanding the opportunities and risks of asset allocation with a focus on portfolio diversification and passive income.


Gain a fundamental understanding of how to forecast company growth, market cycles, portfolio construction, returns analysis, and risk management.


Attain knowledge on the global bond trade, credit cycles, yields, agency ratings, government financing, and how debt empowers business expansion.

Real Estate

Gather lessons on how to evaluate opportunities and deploy capital effectively across the real estate industry in different asset classes and portfolio types.

Alternative Investments

Discover the benefits of diversification through alternative assets, novel fund structures, and return drivers for Private Equity firms and Hedge Funds.

Risk Management

Establish the skills necessary to analyze operational, systemic, economic, and situational risk and manage scenarios to preserve your investments.


Determine how to assess regulatory and compliance risk associated with various sectors, products, strategic partnerships, and key job functions.


Boost your awareness of key innovations across the financial services industry including cost-savings solutions and opportunities for automation.

Digital Assets

Discover the opportunities and risks of digital assets to evaluate how these projects will develop and interact with global systems and services.



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Multi-day courses taught by financial veterans with 27+ years of experiences
Real-world case studies, interactive discussions, and access to online modules
iLAfin Certificate of Completion for professional and educational references
Fulfillment report for the event and discounts for further training


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Multi-day courses taught by financial veterans with 27+ years of experiences
Real-world case studies, interactive discussions, and access to online modules
iLAfin Certificate of Completion for professional and educational references
Fulfillment report for the event and discounts for further training

See what our members are saying.

Interning with the iLAfin Team at a young age allowed me to experience the reality of working as a financial professional. The exposure I gained became invaluable in my training as a future banker.
Nathan Beckerman
Head of Strategic Partnerships & Partner Owner, Crypto at Cross River
The iLAfin Team has been incredibly influential in my professional development, showing me that education is the most important ingredient in starting a career in finance.
Reinaldo Cevallos
Quant Trader at XR Trading
The iLAfin Team has immense experience training professionals and non-professionals in the financial industry, generating confidence and skills in their students that venture into the financial world. The team serves as a support system so that people execute assertive investment strategies and do not leave their investments to random luck. Education is the foundation of success.
Leopoldo Ron Pedrique
CEO at Prestige Management LLC
My Dear iLAfin Team - You guys are doing a great job. Your training is the best way to gain economic and personal finance insight when you’re on the go, exercising or at rest. Financial literacy is very key to helping young and adult people build and manage assets effectively in a way that allows them to become financially stable and achieve all their personal dreams! I wish I could have found this site in my early years! Personal Finance should be a basic class we should all take starting in Elementary, Middle and High School!
Francesco FURNARI
CEO Noi USA Group
The iLAfin team is composed of a group of Venezuelans who have managed to accumulate many years of experience on Wall Street. The determination of the Team and the extraordinary knowledge of both US and global capital markets make them a very valuable reference when studying trends in this volatile and complicated world. This initiative demonstrates a great passion for young people to educate themselves in the world of finance. The dream of iLAfin is that there is no more financial illiteracy in the world. I am sure that they will triumph because of their great passion and energy in achieving their goals.
Jose Tomas Carrillo-Batalla
CEO at Grupo Maximiza
I would like to congratulate the iLAfin Team, whose founder, my friend Víctor Hugo Rodríguez, I have known for more than 15 years, for this great effort to explain simply what is happening in the market and the factors to watch. For taking the time to compile material and synthesize it so that in a few minutes you can be up to date with what is relevant to the market. Congratulations.
Guillermo Garcia-Ramos
Former Chief Investment Officer at IMSS (Mex)
The iLAfin Team has become aware of the fact that financial markets are not perfect, mass education and access to information are two important variables to achieve optimal performance in investor behavior, which paves the way towards the search for perfection. We should give thanks to iLAfin for such an important knowledge campaign.
Gonzalo Machado
CEO at G1Securities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a financial educational platform targeting the Hispanic community by providing live-online seminars and corporate training taught by seasoned industry professionals and delivered in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

iLAfin provides daily media content including podcasts, a weekly TV Show, and interviews with industry experts through our media business, Factores Economicos. Our streaming platform in development brings together leaders of the financial industry to teach classes on investing, entrepreneurship, asset management, career development, wealth creation and much more. This content library will be delivered in a cinematic experience directly to the user.

Our student trainings are multi-day live-online seminars that include full curriculum guides, pre and post work based on the course topic. Our corporate training packages are in person multi-day events that are customized for each client.

Our provides our live-online seminars and corporate training in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Contact us today at for more information on our programs


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