Times have changed forever and at we are ready to help the Worldwide Latino community to reinvent themselves personally and professionally in the face of this dramatic reality.

Let’s analyze this metaphor:

“Three birds are sitting side by side on a tree branch. You shoot one of them, it falls off the branch and hits the ground. Now, how many birds are left on the branch? The most probable answer is “2”.

NOPE, the correct answer is “none”. When you shot the first bird, the other 2 birds flew off.

All of us are experiencing an infestation of flying birds as a result of the COVID-19 virus and the ensuing economic crisis it has generated.”

The Focus ahead can be summarized as in this sentence: “The change in priorities was dramatic because of the radical change in circumstances”.

During a crisis, your priorities and focus must shift from strategic to tactical

If your business is experiencing financial turmoil, I would highly recommend you adopt the same protocols used in hospital emergency rooms. Prioritize keeping your business alive and getting it stabilized as quickly as possible. Keeping a business alive requires CASH!.

The same applied for you and for your Family (Ultimately your Family is your MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS, PERIOD)

These are our products:

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Here’s How It Works for Bussiness:

1. Book a Free Call via our booking app! 

2. You will receive an email with instructions to speak with our Management Team. Check your spam!

3. We will assess your Business Situation discussing fast-track consultations in areas such as:

  • Management, Compliance, and Private Offering
  • Drafting/ Analysis of Business Model Viability and Execution
  • Growth Strategies through Acquisitions or Partnerships
  • Budgetary and Financial Accounting Methods Reviewing
  • Needs and Formation of Special Purpose Entities (SPVs)
  • Analysis of Sales, Marketing, and Logistical Activities
  • Recruitment and Personnel Training Strategies
  • Interim Executive Management Duties
  • Restructuring and Turnaround Advice
  • Structuring Joint Ventures

4. We will decide the best strategy for a Compelling Turnaround! Which is “taking action”

Here’s How It Works for Individuals:

1. Choose Your Coach!

**Purchase a coaching session with your coach 

2. You will receive an email from your coach. Check your spam!

** Please note if you book an email session, we will send you a coaching email template that will help you get the best possible results in 24-48 hours. 

3. Confirm a date and time that your coach will send you by email.

**Coaching sessions are conducted through Phone and WhatsApp. (Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime Upon request only)

4. We will confirm & call you! Let’s change your life!

Victor Hugo Rodriguez

Victor Hugo Rodriguez

Co - Founder

He is the Founder and CEO of LatAm Alternatives. Mr Rodriguez has over 19 years of experience in Management, Sales, Marketing and Business Development within the securities industry in the US-LatAm region.

He was Partner and Head of Latin American Prime Brokerage for Merlin Securities (Mid-Tier Prime Broker) and Director of Global Institutional Sales at Trade Station Securities (Monex Group).

Before he worked as Director of Latin America for Terra Nova Trading (now LightSpeed Trading) and in the late 90’s he was the Founder President & CEO of Latin America.

He started his career at The Caracas Stock Exchange and was President & CEO of a mid-Ttier local Broker Dealer. He has been a live TV Economics News Anchor and is well known as the Founder and Former Head of The Hedge Fund Association (HFA) – LatAm Chapter. Mr Rodriguez was elected STA (Security Traders Association) National Board LatAm Advisor.

He lives between Boston and Miami with his 2 children.

Alan Gandelman

Alan Gandelman

Senior Partner / Head Country BRAZIL

Mr. Gandelman is widely acknowledged to be among the most preeminent financial executives in Latin America, as well as a seasoned expert in the global capital markets and trading in Latin America. Currently, Mr. Gandelman is the deputy CEO of Planner corretora de valores , a major broker dealer and wealth management house in Brazil, with arms in NY and Miami.

Previously to this Alan was The SVP of BGC , covering global markets out of Dubai and with a very strong presence in Latin America and its markets and also was Head of Sales at INTL FC Stone Brasil DTVM, a leader in the development of specialized financial services, and also serves on the board of ANCORD, Brazil’s National Association of Broker dealers.

Previously, Mr. Gandelman served as President at ATS Brasil, a joint venture between NYSE and ATG, and served as president at ICAP where he launched ICAP Brazil, which has subsequently become one of ICAP´s largest global revenue center. Earlier, Mr. Gandelman served as managing partner at Ágora, and held senior roles at both Bear Stearns and Goldman Sachs.

He was also a member of the Brazil-US Business Council, sat on Bovespa’s Board of Directors, and served as president of the International Affairs Commission.
Mr. Gandelman was also president of the Bovespa Futures Index Chamber and held a similar capacity at BM&FBovespa’s Equities and Equity Derivatives Chamber following the merger.

Jose Abbo

Jose Abbo

Senior Partner / Head Country PANAMA

Mr. Abbo joined LatAm Alternatives in 2011 and has been with the company since the early beginning.
Among all his major achievements we are proud to announce that Mr. Abbo is The former CHAIRMAN and Director and CHAIRMAN of Panama’s Sovereign Wealth Fund (2012-2020)

He has authored numerous articles about the financial markets and the Global economy. He has researched and written for such well-recognized publications as The Economist Intelligence Unit and América Economía.
In 2000 Mr. Abbo published “Divisando Wall Street Desde el Sur de América” (a comprehensive guide for the Spanish-speaking community that explains the workings of the stock market).

He also wrote a second book called: “The Big Gamble Are You Investing or Speculating” (which teaches investors how to differentiate investments from speculation and gambling).

He makes regular guest appearances on various radio and television programs and has served as an expert witness in financial trials and forensic cases.
He was Managing Director Corporate Finance at SFC Investment Panama and before he was Vice President International Capital Markets at Credit Suisse Panamá.

Mr. Abbo holds a degree in Professional Management from Nova University and has served as an MBA tutor for Tecnológico de Monterrey/ Thunderbird University Panama-based Global MBA programs.
He is married with 4 children.

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