• The “LA” in our name is fundamental to who we are, where we’re from and what we stand for.
    You may have guessed it is a mixed Spanish/English translation meaning “The (La) Institute of Finance”?
    Not quite, but it makes sense since our platform and services are designed to help bridge these stellar cultures.
    But for our valued Portuguese speakers, we’d just as much like to be the “O Institute of Finance”.
  • In reality our names relates to geography, but not how you might think.
    We love Los Angeles, but if you take a look at our Contacts Page, you’ll realize that wasn’t the inspiration.
    Some members of our management, instructors and staff are proudly from Latin America, so maybe that’s the answer?
    Not yet but getting much closer.
  • OK, it’s not fair to keep you guessing anymore, the answer is: “Las Americas”.
  • It’s important to convey to you, because our name reflects our mission of creating a world-class Institute focused on spreading the highest-quality targeted finance-related education to individuals and institutions between and across the entire Las Americas region.
    Each and every one of us has devoted our careers to spurring the growth of financial services across the Americas and we are now devoting our lives to spread the professional knowledge and networks we’ve collectively attained to help serve your financial educational needs.


  • Having achieved successful careers in finance and having devoted most of our professional lives to facilitating capital flows throughout the Americas region, many on our team have realized personal goals and dreams while making our own collective contributions to the general prosperity of the region as a whole. But we also have learned that for real structural transformation to take place, in both raising the stature of the Americas in the global finance arena as well as in elevating personal lives and those of their families, financial knowledge must be developed, nurtured and spread throughout the region.
  • From industrial firms to financial institutions; from small business owners to investment professionals; and individuals across all walks of life: educational foundations are essential.
  • Without the appropriate financial knowledge in your own hands, personal and organizational growth will remain stagnant.
  • We set out to build an institute of financial learning that addresses shortcomings in the current financial education system focused on the Americas.There is a serious vacuum in the forums of education providing resources to our target audiences.
    For those who do provide financial educational services, the needs of the region and community are an afterthought at best within larger corporate plans. For us, it’s our only focus.
  • We’ve tailored our approach to focus less about arcane theory (although you’ll certainly get more than just the foundations) and towards more practical, tailored and hands-on virtual learning from our expert instructors along with the best-in-class providers, all in one place.
  • No matter where you may be on the learning curve and no matter what heights you want to achieve, we want to make a difference in your life as we truly believe that this growth benefits us all.
  • Consistent with our mission of delivering only the highest-quality and most relevant financial training and education to our clients, we closely partner with leading experts, trainers, practitioners and providers who are based throughout the Americas.
  • With advancements in online, virtual learning technologies, we can provide you with the best of the best, never settling for less despite geographic barriers.
    Bottom-line, our groundbreaking work translates to a better educational experience for you.


  • You don’t need to read all the daily headlines to recognize that finance shapes the world that we live in. Grasping finance fully develops and expands your personal and professional knowledge, in turn reshaping your life, career and organization.
  • A high-quality education is the best personal investment you can ever make, at all points in your life.
  • A financial education, on your terms and tracked to your schedule, has the unique power to reap daily dividends for you, your family and for generations to come.
  • Our targeted, comprehensive financial training programs allow you to access our curriculum precisely where your needs, aspirations, and learning potential all intersect.
  • We proudly offer a wide variety of practical and workable educational training programs to match who you want to be:
    -Teens, Students and Young Adults who want to cultivate financial life skills can apply our programs to leverage their generation’s technological acumen into the world of electronic trading to best position themselves for possible future careers in finance.
    -Individuals seeking to broaden their fundamental skills and manage day-to-day finances, home electronic trading abilities and transition to a career in the finance industry.
    -Families needing assistance with due-diligence on their financial advisors, understanding investment principles and striving to effectively measure how their wealth and retirement plans are being managed.
    -Business owners who desire to expand revenues while reducing risk and capital costs through trade, finance and other methods.
    -Investment professionals aspiring to expand their skill-set, move up the career ladder or position themselves for opportunities in the US and across Latin America.
    -Financial Institutions and Businesses aiming to provide maximum-performance training programs to their staff, tailored to their unique organizational needs.
  • Institutional-quality education, training and resources are just a click-away.
    From the first rung of the ladder all the way to the Executive Suite, challenging the present allows for a reach to the future.
    There is no better time than right now.


  • Scholarships: Institute LA of Finance (iLAfin) provides free tuition in the form of full scholarships across all of its programs to selected individuals who have consistently demonstrated exemplary academic promise, professional achievement and/or may be undergoing personal financial hardship.
    – Upon identification of potential candidates, final scholarships are awarded based upon a comprehensive evaluation process including transcripts, recommendations, personal essays, qualified income and other criteria.
    – An academic committee comprised of Institute LA of Finance (iLAfin) Senior Management, its Partners and Board of Advisors have sole discretion in the awarding of all scholarships.

To be considered for a scholarship, please email us at scholarships@iLAfin.com and we will send you the necessary materials to complete the application process.

  • Charities in the Americas: One of our corporate charters is to use a percentage of our profits to give back to the communities in the Americas that we operate in.

For more information, please email us at charities@iLAfin.com and we will send you the necessary materials to complete the application process.


  • Institute LA of Finance (iLAfin) is positioned to be a leading provider of financial educational products and services focused in the dynamic Americas region.
    Serving the unique needs of teens, individuals, families, business owners, finance professionals and the largest institutions, our tailored and focused curriculum both educates and elevates.
  • Our main office is in South Florida, just northwest of Miami, the U.S. gateway to Latin America. We also have an office in the bustling downtown financial district of Boston. Our team is currently processing the opening of new offices and learning centers in major metropolitan areas throughout Latin America, the U.S. and Canada.
  • Our company culture mirrors our relentless drive to educate and empower those that we serve.
  • We are obsessed with excellence and integrity across every facet of what we do, and in turn we provide our team members with consistent personal growth and learning opportunities in an environment that is energetic, challenging and, at various levels of the business, fun.
  • We celebrate our differences while working to achieve common goals and operate with full transparency and open channel communications, within the same framework of accountability as we have with our customers.
  • We continue to hire the best and brightest talent in financial training, client service, technology, sales, marketing and other areas of our rapidly growing organization.
  • If you have the relevant experience as well as an uncompromising drive to make a positive difference in the world by changing how financial education is delivered, please email careers@iLAfin.com below with your attached CV and we will contact you if there are openings that match your qualifications. We thank you in advance for your taking the initiative of seeking to join the best team not just in the Americas, but anywhere for that matter. We look forward to hearing from you.

We understand what you need to learn. We teach individuals the tools of investment to increase equity. We are your iLAfin.

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